Video Clips

2300 Jackson Street (The Jacksons)

Making: Tito Jackson's Home 1989
Video Premiere: August 1989
Actors: The Jackson family (except LaToya Jackson)

Another Part Of Me (Michael Jackson)

Director: Patrick T. Kelly
Making: May to July 1988
Runtime: 4'45 min.
Video Premiere: 30th July 1988 (USA)

Art Of Madness (The Jacksons)

Making: 1989
Video Premiere: mid 1989
Actors: The Jacksons (Jermaine, Tito, Marlon & Randy)

Bad (Michael Jackson)

Director: Martin Scorsese
Making: New York City, New York July 1987
Runtime: 17'00 min.
Video Premiere: 31st August 1987 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Wesley Snipes

Beat It (Michael Jackson)

Director: Bob Giraldi
Making: Skid Row, Hollywood 9th March 1983
Runtime: 4'56 min.
Video Premiere: April 1983 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, "Streetgangs" from Los Angeles, Jeffrey Daniels

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)

Director: Steve Barron
Making: Los Angeles, California, 1983
Runtime: 4'56 min.
Video Premiere: March 1983 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson

Billie Jean (Live) (The Jacksons)

Making: 1984
Video Premiere: 1984 (USA)
Actors: The Jacksons (Michael, Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, Jackie & Randy)

Black Or White (Michael Jackson)

Director: John Landis
Making: Los Angeles, California 10th to the end of September 1991
Runtime: 11'00 min.
Video Premiere: 14th November 1991 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, MaCauley Culkin, George Wendt, Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson
Note: Besides others, Vince Patterson did the choreography of this video.

Black Or White (Second Version)

Video Premiere: 17th November 1991 (USA)
Note: After some TV stations had refused to show the video because in their opinion the scenes with the panther were too lewd, these scenes were removed

Blame It On The Boogie (The Jacksons)

Making: 1978
Video Premiere: late 1978
Actors: The Jacksons (Michael, Tito, Marlon, Jackie & Randy)

Blood On The Dancefloor (Michael Jackson)

Director: Michael Jackson & Vincent Paterson
Producer: Beth Anthony
Runtime: 3'16 min.
Video Premiere: 30th March 1997

Blood On The Dancefloor (Reefugee Camp Mix)

Runtime: 5'26 min.
Video Premiere: Mid 1997
Note: Unreleased scenes were added to the usual video in order to make it long enough.

Body (The Jacksons)

Making: 1984
Runtime: 5'11 min.
Video Premiere: October 1984
Actors: The Jacksons (Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, Jackie & Randy)
Anmerkung: Although Michael sang this song with his brothers, he does not appear in the video.

Childhood (Michael Jackson)

Director: Nicholas Brandt
Making: Los Angeles, California
Runtime: 4'27 min.
Video Premiere: June 1995 (USA) / 23rd July 1993 (D)
Actors: Michael Jackson, several kids

Cry (Michael Jackson)

Director: Nick Brandt "Earthsong", "Childhood" and Stranger in Moscow"
Producer: Douglas Meyer
Camera/Director of Photography: Ericson Core "The Fast and The Furious"
Making: Squaw Valley/Lake Tahoe, Nevada; Mare Island Bridge/Vallejo - CA; Vallejo, California; San Francisco; California; Petaluma-CA; California; Pescadero State Beach-CA, California; The Redwood National Forest - CA; California; 2001
Video Premiere: 2nd November 2001
Note: Michael does not appear in the video

Dirty Diana (Michael Jackson)

Director: Joe Pytka
Making: Los Angeles, California 1988
Runtime: 4'55 min.
Video Premiere: 14th April 1988 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Steve Stevens, Lisa Dean

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Michael Jackson)

Director: Nick Saxton
Making: late 1979
Runtime: 4'07 min.
Video Premiere: October 1979 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson

Earth Song (Michael Jackson)

Director: Nicholas Brandt
Making: Warwick, New York, California, Croatia, Brasil and Tansania; September 1995
Runtime: 7'18 min.
Video Premiere: 15th November 1995

Ghosts (Michael Jackson)

Director: Stan Winston
Video Premiere: 4th July 1997

Give In To Me (Michael Jackson)

Director: Andy Morahan
Making: Munich, Germany 25th June 1992
Runtime: 5'30 min.
Video Premiere: 10th Febuary 1993 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Slash, 1000 fans

Goin' Places (The Jacksons)

Making: 1977
Video Premiere: late 1977
Actors: The Jacksons (Michael, Tito, Marlon, Jackie & Randy)

Gone Too Soon (Michael Jackson)

Director: Bill DiCicco
Runtime: 4'15 min.
Video Premiere: August 1993 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Ryan White
Note: dedicated to Ryan White.

Heal The World (Michael Jackson)

Director: Joe Pytka
Runtime: 6'21 min.
Video Premiere: 28th November 1992 (USA)

History (Tony Moran Remix) (Michael Jackson)

Director: Jim Gamble
Video Premiere: 20th June 1997

In The Closet (Michael Jackson)

Director: Herb Ritts & Michael Jackson
Making: Palm Springs, California & Las Vegas, Nevada late March 1992
Runtime: 6'15 min.
Video Premiere: 23rd April 1992 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Naomi Cambell

Is It Scary (Michael Jackson)

Director: Mick Garris
Note: This video had been planned, but was cancelled.

Jam (Michael Jackson)

Director: Michael Jackson & David Kellogg
Making: Chicago, Illinois
Runtime: 8'00 min.
Video Premiere: 19th June 1992 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, Heavy D., Kriss Kross, Naughty By Nature

Leave Me Alone (Michael Jackson)

Director: Jerry Kramer
Runtime: 4'40 min.
Video Premiere: April 1989 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Bubbles, Crusher
Note: Before it's TV premiere, the video was already shown in the film "Moonwalker".

Liberian Girl (Michael Jackson)

Director: Jim Yukish
Making: Los Angeles, California April 1989
Runtime: 5'33 min.
Video Premiere: 24th June 1989 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Quincy Jones, David Copperfield, Paula Abduhl, Rosanna Arquette, Debbie Gibson, Dan Aykroyd, Oliver Newton-John, John Travolta, 'Weird Al" Yankvic, Bubbles, others
Note: dedicated to Elizabeth Taylor.

Man In The Mirror (Michael Jackson)

Director: Don Wilson
Making: 1988
Runtime: 5'20 min.
Video Premiere: Febuary 1988 (USA)

Nothin' (That Compares 2 U) (The Jacksons)

Making: Los Angeles (Downtown), California April 1989
Runtime: 4'12 min.
Video Premiere: May 1989
Actors: The Jacksons (Jermaine, Tito, Marlon & Randy)

Remember The Time (Michael Jackson)

Director: John Sinelton
Making: Los Angeles, California 1991
Runtime: 9'19 min.
Video Premiere: 2. Februar 1992
Actors: Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Iman, Magic Johnson
Note: The music in the video (except for "Remember The Time") was written by Stanley Clarke.

Rock With You (Michael Jackson)

Director: Bruce Gowers
Making: late 1979
Runtime: 4'00 min.
Video Premiere: late 1979 (USA)

Scream (Michael Jackson)

Director: Mark Romanek
Runtime: 4'40 min.
Video Premiere: June 1995
Actors: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson

She's Out Of My Life (Michael Jackson)

Director: Bruce Gowers
Making: late 1979
Runtime: 3'29 min.
Video Premiere: early 1980 (USA)

Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)

Director: Colin Chilvers
Making: Los Angeles, California Febuary 1987
Runtime: 9'23 min.
Video Premiere: 13th Oktober 1988 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Brandon Adams, Sean Lennen, others

Stranger In Moscow (Michael Jackson)

Director: Nicholas Brandt
Making: Van Nuys, California 2nd to 6th July 1996
Runtime: 5'32 min.
Video Premiere: 4th September 1996 (Europe)

They Don't Care About Us (Brasilien Version) (Michael Jackson)

Director: Spike Lee
Making: Rio De Janeiro (Dona Marta in the quarter Botafogo) and Salvador de Bahia, Brasil; Febuary 1996
Runtime: 7'07 min.
Video Premiere: 15th November 1995
Actors: Michael Jackson, Olodum, Spike Lee

Thriller (Michael Jackson)

Director: John Landis
Making: late 1983
Runtime: 13'40 min.
Video Premiere: 2nd December 1983 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Ola Ray, others
Note: The whole „Making of“ was released as video cassette "The Making Of Michael Jackson's Thriller"

The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson)

Director: Joe Pytka
Making: Los Angeles, California 1987
Runtime: 9'00 min.
Video Premiere: 31st October 1987 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Tatjana Thumbtzen, LaToya Jackson, others

Torture (The Jacksons)

Director: Jeff Stein
Making: Queens (Kaufman Astoria Studios) 1984
Video Premiere: 3rd September 1984
Actors: The Jacksons (Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, Jackie & Randy)
Note: Although Michael sang this song with his brothers, he does not appear in the video and is replaced by a life-size figure.

Triumph (The Jacksons)

Director: Robert Abel
Making: Los Angeles, California 1980
Runtime: 7 min
Video Premiere: April 1981
Actors: The Jacksons (Michael, Tito, Marlon, Jackie & Randy), 3T, others
Note: This video, which was used for the opening of the Jacksons' concerts contains the video "Can You Feel It".

Who Ist It (Michael Jackson)

Director: David Fincher
Making: Los Angeles, California
Video Premiere: 13th June 1992

Who's Loving You (The Jackson Five)

Making: 1992
Video Premiere: 18th November 1992 (USA)
Actors: Jason Weaver
Note: The video shows parts of the J5's performance in the "Ed Sullivan Show" 1969.

Will You Be There (Michael Jackson)

Director: Vincent Paterson
Making: Santa Monica Airport, Los Angeles 15th & 16th November
Runtime: 5'55 min.
Video Premiere: May 1993 (USA)

You Are Not Alone (Michael Jackson)

Director: Wayne Isham
Making: Pantages Theatre (Hollywood Boulevard), in Los Angeles, California
Runtime: 5'45 min.
Video Premiere: 28th July 1995 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley

You Rock My World (Michael Jackson)

Director: Paul Hunter
Making: Los Angeles 2001
Runtime: 5'15 min. (short version), 13'20 min. (long version)
Video Premiere: 21st September 2001 (international), 26th September 2001 (USA)
Actors: Michael Jackson, Chris Tucker, Marlon Brando, others
Note: As Michael was not totally satisfied with the first version of the video, the former 4'30 min. clip (short version) was changed.